MLive Restaurant Reviewer, Linda Mah Eats At Mangia Pizza and Pasta Co.

Mangia Chicken

MLive restaurant reviewer Linda Mah and her family stopped by for dinner recently at Mangia Pizza & Pasta and came away impressed with her selection of Mangia Chicken – although she didn’t have it long before one of her daughters swapped dishes with her.

As Mah noted, our new restaurant has a feel that’s more “family friendly than the more formal and romantic setting of Mangia Mangia. She appreciated the “nice job” we did of updating the Mexican-inspired interior of the old Mi Ranchito into a more Mediterranean setting, and added: “They retained the little arched cubbies that provide a feeling of intimacy and threw on traditional red-and-white checked tablecloths for good measure.”

But it was our house specialty that she raved about.

“The Mangia Chicken was the best dish of the evening. A lightly breaded chicken breast is topped with sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms and finished with the house vinaigrette reduced to a the tart-sweet sauce.”

Her other daughter, Lena, made a more traditional choice of spaghetti and meatballs and discovered she “loved the spaghetti sauce and found she didn’t even need the meatballs to make an enjoyable meal. The serving size was more than enough for her — actually all of the dishes could have easily fed two of us.”

You can read her full review on MLive at: Dig In: Mangia Pizza & Pasta Co. continues the tradition of La Cantina, Mangia Mangia

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